My long-term vision is to build a community of women and a network of businesses
schooled in the Delta Formation Way.

Delia Suteja Yeboah

Delia’s story. Delta’s history

My urge to help others stems largely from my own personal experience. I wish I had a mentor when launching my creative agency, Bubblefish more than 17 years ago. For seven long years, I worked crazy hours, peddled scores of brands, and made good money in the process. Yet there was something missing.

I felt hollow inside until I discovered the hidden link between my personal identity and the business entity, thanks to a chance meeting with a mentor. I pivoted my operations into brand building and pressed ahead with renewed vigour and passion, I stopped chasing random work and started choosing projects that made me feel more fulfilled.

The tide turned again in 2018 with the premature arrival of Baby
Myla. I was torn between my motherly instincts and my professional priorities. I chose Myla. She became the centre of my attention while Bubblefish took a backseat.

Nurturing Myla’s growth and development during those difficult, early months got me to think clearly about my long-standing mission to launch another start-up. And, after two years, BrandRead.i.y became a reality.

As Myla began to grow, learnt to be less needy, and started attending child care, I once again thought deeply, this time about the legacy I wanted to leave. It kindled in me the urge to guide other women to start and grow their businesses in a way that aligned with their core identity. The concept of Delta Formation was thus born.

I help young and mature women to pursue their passions and realise their dreams by nurturing their entrepreneurial talent, spirit, and practice to a different level. And do it through coaching, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and emotional support.


My foray into mentoring brought me into contact with some women entrepreneurs who had launched their start-ups prematurely without much thought to who they were and what they stood for. And others who had put off their decision to venture into business because of a lack of confidence or the fear of failure. For both, Delta Formation became a safe, welcoming, and inspirational haven where they could learn, develop, and prosper.

And then, I met Alana Nicholls of One Co Foundation who opened a suite of doors. One Co enables purpose conscious businesses to become involved in customised charitable initiatives that are simple and easy to implement. Today, the Foundation is already overseeing charity projects worth over a million dollars in Australia and overseas.

I initially worked with the One Co team to help finetune their operations in delivering greater efficiency and effectiveness. I am now helping to realise their ambitious growth aspirations.

Simultaneously, I also actively engage with One Co associated businesses and prospects in facilitating discovery of their core brand identity that underpins their business and in turn assisting them to find a charitable cause that is best aligned to their purpose.

In my quest to extend the footprint of my mission, I donate a tenth of the earnings from each of my workshops to Opportunity International Australia. The money helps to advance loans to disadvantaged women in Indonesia for setting up micro ventures, thus enabling them to overcome extreme poverty in time (