My long-term vision is to build a community of women and a network of businesses
schooled in the Delta Formation Way.

Delia Suteja Yeboah

Delia’s story. Delta’s history

My urge to help others stems largely from my own personal experience.
I wish I had a mentor when launching my creative agency, Bubblefish more than 15 years ago. For seven long years, I worked crazy hours, peddled scores of brands, and made good money in the process. Yet there was something missing.

I felt hollow inside until I discovered the hidden link between my personal identity and the business entity, thanks to a chance meeting with a mentor. I pivoted my operations into brand building and pressed ahead with renewed vigour and passion, I stopped chasing random work and started choosing projects that made me feel more fulfilled.

The tide turned again 2+ years ago with the premature arrival of Baby Myla. I was torn between my motherly instincts and my professional priorities. Myla became the centre of my attention while Bubblefish took a backseat.


This freeing up of energy and a little time each day gave me the freedom to think clearly about my long-standing mission to launch another start-up. And, today, BrandRead.i.y has become a reality.

More importantly, nurturing Myla’s growth and development during those difficult, early months got me to think more deeply about the legacy I wanted to leave. It kindled in me the urge to guide other women to start and grow their businesses in a way that aligned with their core identity.

Some had launched their firms prematurely without much thought to who they were and what they stood for. Others had put off their decision to venture because of a lack of confidence or the fear of failure. For both, I wanted to create a safe, welcoming and inspirational environment where they could learn, develop and prosper.

My mentoring was the means. And Delta Formation is that space.