The DELTA framework is a systematic, structured five-stage journey that takes you from a deep dive into your brand identity to being lifted up to a state of clarity, confidence, and commitment.

D – Discover the true meaning of Brand Identity through Delia’s journey

E – Explore your own purpose, passion and potential

L – Learn how to build your budding idea into a monetisable business

T – Take away the learnings to work on the nuts and bolts of your venture.
Reconvene to validate.

A – Apply the same principles to everything you do to build your brand and your business. Make the impossible possible.


At its core is a three hour long, deep dive exchange, preceded by focused desk research. A follow-up session may become necessary in about four weeks to ascertain progress.

The value of the program lies in its simplicity, sharp focus, and strategic intent.

Its benefits are tangible, transformative, and targeted to each individual’s need.

Typically, the program costs $1250+GST and delivers a value in excess of $3000.

A portion of this fee is donated to Opportunity International’s poverty alleviation initiative in Indonesia, helping disadvantaged women access loans for starting a micro business thus becoming economically self-reliant in time (