Embrace change.

Shaping a different future. Together.

Delta Formation has nothing to do with aircraft or their flying manoeuvres. But, in plain terms, we are also about taking off, aiming high and soaring in the sky - as one collaborative community.

Delta Formation signifies change. A transformative change that can serve economic and social good. We help young, mature women and men to follow their passions and realise their dreams by elevating their entrepreneurial talent, spirit and practice to a different level - through mentoring, shared learning, business collaboration and emotional support.

The brainchild of Delia Suteja, a self-made entrepreneur who enabled her own venture, Bubblefish, to scale new heights while successfully catalysing the growth of scores of other businesses, Delta Formation uses the same underlying values and ways to spread a kindred movement with far reaching potential.

Delta, is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet and represents change. Our visual icon depicts its diminutive form (δ) morphing into the capital Delta (Δ), illustrating the huge transformation that the group can potentially accomplish. The tagline “Shaping a different future. Together.” verbalises Delta Formation’s aspirational purpose.

Embrace change.