At Delta Formation,
we are about taking off,
aiming high and soaring up
in the sky-as one
collaborative community.

Who we are

We aim high, take off, and soar up in the sky as one collaborative community. We are Delta Formation.

Delta, the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet signifies change. We are about a transformative change that can deliver economic and social good.

Our visual icon depicts the diminutive form (δ) of Delta shaping into the capital letter (Δ), illustrating the huge transformation that the group can accomplish.

Formation represents our larger family. We are a community with shared values, a common mission, collegial support and reciprocal trust.

Why we exist

Delta Formation is the brainchild of Delia Suteja Yeboah, a self-made entrepreneur who enabled her own venture, Bubblefish Creative Brand building to scale new heights while successfully catalysing the growth of scores of other businesses.

Through her journey (which started at the age of 20), Delia discovered a different way of working. Where the brand ethos and identity of her business is inextricably linked to her own identity and persona. It enabled her to find her true passion and follow it with singular focus, to swim against the tide and never give up whatever the odds. The result: responsible success.

In Delta Formation, Delia instils the same underlying values and ways she employed to grow her business to lead a kindred movement with far reaching potential.

Our tagline “Shaping a different future. Together.” verbalises this aspirational purpose.

Delia Suteja Yeboah

Friend, Confidant, and Pathfinder

Delia believes that you’re never too young or too old to be an entrepreneur

What we do

Delia will help young and mature women to pursue their passions and realise their dreams by nurturing their entrepreneurial talent, spirit and practice to a different level. She will do it through coaching, knowledge sharing, collaboration and emotional support.

Delta Formation will harbour start-ups who need guidance, helping them to figure out where they should be heading and why. Encouraging those unsure, tentative entrepreneurs to gain clarity, competence and confidence through our education programmes, mentoring, and networking events.

Equally, Delta Formation is a place where young entrepreneurs find mutual support, sharing their successes and failures. They learn from each other’s experiences, sometimes even navigating their fellow fliers. A formation in which our ‘wing women’ could take the leadership position in turns.

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