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Brands with Purpose: CMO Magazine Interview with Delia

Published June 28, 2016

CMO Magazine asked why corporates with a cause are winning customers.

Delia Suteja, Principal/Brand Builder at Bubblefish she shares her view to CMO Magazine why Brands with Purpose are leading the marketing pack.

Having built more than 200 brands in the past 11 years, Bubblefish’s principal and brand builder, Delia Suteja, has seen a range of businesses whose success and longevity comes down to two mutually dependent things: Leadership and purpose.

“Purpose drives passion and passion drives performance,” she says. “As a brand, when you know the why and work with people who believe in the same vision, it becomes a driving force for everything the brand represents. When people within the business start wearing the brand and living it, they are able to better deliver on the brand’s promise.

“Brand building and marketing are never easy, but having a purpose helps everyone in the business know what they are doing and why they are doing it and how they fits under the overall vision. This also enables all marketing activities to be more effective and efficient.”

(CMO June 2016)

connecting the dots

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